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Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we have had to find new ways to stay connected. We never did any sort of online service until we had to halt Sunday services. And as helpful as the internet is, it still isn't the same as being physically together. So we came up with a new solution: Drive-In Church!
It is not ideal, as we are still not fully together. But it is the best we can do at being together during this time. We invite you to join us on a Sunday morning. Our service is at 9:30. It takes place in the parking lot on the other side of the chapel from the sanctuary (see map below). The service will be transmitted through your radio, so you have no need to get out of your car or even open your windows. We will provide a song sheet for you each week if you would like to follow and sing along.
The service will also be recorded and posted online later in the day.
drive in church.png
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