This prayer ministry is the result of a burden placed on the hearts of the leadership of Eastside Baptist Church to see Christians within our community come together to pray for our community, our churches, and for one another.

With this goal in mind, the Chapel at Eastside will be open every Tuesday from 11-1. We figure this allows anyone who is taking a lunch break but wants to join us in prayer to be able to find some time. If you want to come for the entire two hours, you are welcome to. If you can only make it for ten minutes, please still come.

We want to be clear that this is not an opportunity for Eastside to promote itself. This is not some marketing ploy to get you in our doors. There will not be a Bible study. We won't ask you for your personal information. When you come in, you will find a sheet of paper with some guidelines that will help us to look out for and respect one another. There will also be a sheet with a passage of Scripture, some prayer, or a short devotion. Other than that, we just want to gather for prayer for our community.

We can do a lot on our own. But we can accomplish nothing apart from prayer.